Ants are social insects that live in organized colonies and can range in numbers from tens of thousands into the millions. The ant is a remarkable and determined insect that is known for it’s foraging and survival. No insect, other than the termite, works harder than the Ant.

Ants will consume any type of food product that is found in a structure and once they find it the invasion begins. A determined and hungry ant colony can travel a great distance to gain the food items they need.

Areas where water is found such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms are also likely to be infested because moisture is a key element for the survival of their colony.

Ants can be a difficult pest to control due to their large numbers and foraging habits. Eliminating the ants you see is not always effective because they are only a small part of the main colony and it may not even be within the boundaries of your property.

At Redd Pest Control our trained technicians know how to identify and eradicate your ant problems. Once the ant problem is under control we then maintain it through our regular service regiments. We perform this process in a safe and effective manner always placing the health of our customers at the forefront of any service we perform.