Roaches are found everywhere. They live where we live and like what we like. They prefer darkness and can live in small crevices. They can live a month without food as long as water is available.

Although just the presence of roaches is a nuisance, they are also a known carrier of many common disease pathogens including the bacteria found in Salmonella. This makes the roach one of the most important pest of households and commercial establishments.

There are approximately 70 living species of roaches in the US. We deal with at least 6 of these in the Pee Dee area which includes the German, American, Smokey Brown, Oriental, Wood and Brown Banded. Infestations of roaches can occur in most types of structures.

It is important to understand that they are very mobile, fast and persistent. Do not underestimate their ability to survive even in the most sterile of conditions. If you see one roach there are probably others and if you are seeing them at least once a week, there is a strong probability that an infestation is underway.

There are various approaches that can be taken while implementing a pest control service that targets a roach population. First, it is essential that the roach species be identified.

The German Roach, for example, will be found near water and heat sources in and around the kitchen and bathrooms while their larger cousins the American and Smokey Brown find harborage from the crawl space to the attic on the inside. They are everywhere on the outside including storage areas, sheds, flower beds and trees.

Most roach treatment programs will include an interior application with baits, residual sprays and monitoring traps. Applications around the home’s exterior will target suspected entry points such as windows, doors eves and foundation walls. Any roach infestation no matter how severe can be resolved, but it will require a treatment process, not a one-time application.