Subterranean termites are foraging insects that live in the ground. They are very small (ant size) and live in large colonies. The colonies contain three castes. They are the workers, soldiers and reproductives. Each group has their own responsibilities and functions and the colony cannot survive without the contribution of each one.

The two groups that get the most attention from a property owner is the worker and reproductive. The worker is often found feeding in and around the structure. Workers forage for food, find it, consume it and feed it to the other colony members. When termite damage is found it is always the result of worker termite activity.

There are two primary methods used to treat and control termite activity. A liquid termiticide treatment involves applying a liquid termiticide to the soil under and adjacent to a home or building. The purpose of this application method is to create an unseen barrier that will impact the termites foraging around the property.